Do I Have to Pay Tax?

“Do I have to pay the taxes on the orders I buy from”

Well, chances are, you may have to pay the taxes. But it depends on the country in which the item is being delivered.

Paying taxes is really a great issue and it often varies from country to country. However, it is easy to import the products in some countries because they have fewer restrictions or zero taxes. But most of the countries have a lot of restrictions with high import taxes. You have to research before you place the order for different items, from Hong Kong to the destined country.

Please read the following details:

No Sales Tax Charged By

You will be amazed to know that there are no sale taxes that are charged by the There are also no hidden charges that you have to pay to Hong Kong while importing goods to your country. But there are chances that you may have to pay the taxes on your side while receiving the items. While you are buying from Hong Kong, i.e. The goods being delivered from Hong Kong to your country is called as importing. This exact process of receiving the goods will be different from the buying process from online stores in your area.

Import Duty and Sales Tax Charged by Your Country

In some countries, the customs offices charge a little amount of money while you are importing the item from another country to your country. This amount/tax varies from product to products, and also on the quantities and declared values. However, the customs offices in other countries are not the same as this! It is only you who is responsible for finding the solutions to resolve this taxation issue.

Dressiom will ship anything you order from it! We do not have any rules to comply with. The rules are implemented on your side. So it is up to you to make sure that the product you are importing into your country is acceptable or not! Most of the countries have two types of taxes when importing from other countries: Sales Tax (VAT) and the import duty. However, the amount to pay in these taxes is not very much higher. It depends on upon the declared price of goods. But many countries in the world do not charge taxes on any items or shipments that are really small.

Declared Value: Packet Value Affects Tax

While you are importing, the importing of a large quantity of a good is generally controlled by the Country Customs. But if we look at the smaller quantities of products, they are easy to import. This definition of import and export is also called as “threshold” and it varies from one country to another.  A term named as “ad valorem” in the import taxes means that the tax is calculated as a percent of total value of the items. Yes, there is an advantage of declaring the value of goods, lowering in such cases. This situation is called as “under-declaring” and it is not permitted.

Declared Contents: Packet Contents Affect Tax

Paying the tax depends on upon the type and quantity of products you are importing into your country. Mainly because there are some products that are restricted in most of the countries and are considered as illegal for import. Other restricted items contain spy cameras and jammers etc. Please research carefully for the relevant information for importing in your country.

The contents of the package must be accurate for the customs. If there is a need for customization from us related to the declared value and information of the package, it will be at your own risk.